[bisq-network/bisq] Exclude non executed BSQ trade (#2937)

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Sat Jul 6 09:20:50 UTC 2019

It's misleading to include non completed trades in the trade statistics. Generally it doesn't matter much but for BSQ this is the only price feed there is. If we're going to use this price feed for future reference to ask for compensation it needs to reflect a the price of BSQ as correctly as possible.

I don't really like adding exclusions like this, it's centralized and fragile. However, we also can't rely on an average price over the last months if it's too easy to paint the tape, and in this case without even using any paint.

I'm open to suggestions, perhaps excluding trades that seem to fall far outside the previous average, much like exchanges cancel trades during flash crashes and similarly. In this case it's only about showing a proper history though so it's not as serious as cancelling trades, just not accounting for them when displaying historical data.

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