[bisq-network/bisq] Insufficient BSQ error (#2938)

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Sat Jul 6 18:22:37 UTC 2019

Log file attached.
I copied the relevant part.

I actually had 2 earlier trades (both used 0.05 BSQ for the trading fee). But one of them was confirmed, as far as I can tell, before the second one started. So the second is the one that was not confirmed (for quite a long time), which prevented me from taking a third offer to buy BTC. The log contains information about the three transactions (eventually I did not take the third offer, as it was not available anymore).

First transaction has offer id: smfZrsU-3d6da5db-05e9-4c1b-95bd-a69b27fa206b-112
My Bisq app shows that the time of the transaction (the BSQ Trading fee transaction) was at 11:05:10 PM, at my local time.
Second transaction has offer id: 159306-3eac9509-9a8d-4aa9-9b57-d1f51229a715-112
My Bisq app shows that the time of the transaction (BSQ transaction, as well) was at 11:38:56 PM.

I think that the error I reported about is for transaction id: TDGXRK-79a49440-69ad-441a-a4ba-02f05df94995-112
(note: this transaction was not completed, due to the error reported, even though I got to the Review trade popup screen).
You can see the "Exception message: Insufficient BSQ,  missing 0.05 BSQ" message in the log file.

You may see another trade id: ocab6-18d94c9b-482f-4dd1-bf51-2302266e2313-112
This is a trade I was the maker for (the offer was placed four days earlier, and the trading fee transaction was already confirmed), and it was accepted at the same time when the error occurred.

If you need the later parts of the log, please let me know.
I am using the latest version of Bisq v1.1.2 on Windows 10.

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