[bisq-network/growth] Japan: JPY Liquidity Party [June 19 2019] (#140)

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Sun Jul 7 13:31:05 UTC 2019

I claim this bounty. Although I did not create an offer on the day of the Liquidity Party, I have begun using Bisq and creating orders as a result of learning about Bisq at this event. At first I had created 2 BUY and 2 SELL orders for about ~1000 yen each, but currently have 1 BUY and 1 SELL order up for about ~5000 yen each. I plan to keep these online to help with market liquidity.

Some feedback:
- First of all, I love the idea of a decentralized exchange like Bisq and look forward to its development and want it to succeed.
- I was a little surprised at how much of a "reserve" was required for some of the orders. Some of them were 5x the amount. I think this should be optional, instead of required. The person taking on an order should be able to see how much is in reserved (if anything.)
- At first I had created 2 BUY and 2 SELL orders for about ~1000 yen each. I chose this small amount because of the high "reserve" that was required, though with on-chain transaction fees that small of an amount becomes impractical.
- I would love to be able to run Bisq on a Raspberry Pi. I tried searching how to install it on a Pi and came across a couple threads, but it sounded like if you could even get it running it would be too slow to be usable.
- I'm having fun learning about Bisq and am having fun now learning how the DOA works as I begin to submit my compensation request!


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