[bisq-network/proposals] Increase trading fee (#99)

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Mon Jul 8 20:20:30 UTC 2019

> There was a "socially defined" contract/promise that they will get BSQ once the DAO is live, as it happened. So I would not say "had been working for no compensation". It was just not a hard guarantee and it was not convertible to money.
What I meant but "no compensation" was that there has been no monetary reward until in the last couple of months. That it hasn't been possible to live off the spread sheet entries.

Some contributors are now able to sell all their BSQ, but the project as a whole is nowhere near that level. Hopefully we will soon get to a level where the amount of issued BSQ is on par with the amount of burnt, that would be excellent and give a stable basis for the BSQ market in my opinion.

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