[bisq-network/bisq] Export/import feature for onion address (#1055)

Florian Reimair notifications at github.com
Fri Jul 12 08:01:11 UTC 2019

hm, I was thinking whether we should change "My onion address" to "My ID" because what else is that highly cryptic string of characters to a user. Having an ID is quite common in today's interwebs, why burden the user with this "onion address" thing, whatever that might be.

ad checks: of course.
- am I correct that 'TradeManager::getTradableList' gives me all trades in progress including trades in dispute?
- I plan on republishing the offers with the new address, more investigation due...

ad feature: I plan on forcing a restart of the app after a renewal or import. Because
- that makes it a lot less complex to implement (and therefore less error-prone)
- I expect that the feature will not be used on a regular basis, will it?

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