[bisq-network/proposals] Increase trading fee (#99)

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Fri Jul 12 12:50:19 UTC 2019

> At the end of each cycle or week we gather all of the BTC fees. We post an order for BSQ at the price of $1USD = 1 BSQ using the collected BTC fees. This creates price support for BSQ with the BTC fees at the price of $1USD for one BSQ.

How do you gather the BTC fees? Who places the BSQ order? That can't be done in a decentralized fashion. I think we need to move away from these centralized methods rather than adding more centralized points in the system.

What you suggest is not that far from a plan that has been discussed though. All fees are paid to one person who sells the BTC for BSQ in the market every month and burns the BSQ, thus distributing the fees to the BSQ holders. This person would have BSQ bond to make sure they don't run away with the BTC but it's still not great to have that kind of centralization in my opinion.

I think there are other ways to handle this but I would like to see the DAO stabilize and see how the fee payments are distributed in reality before embarking on a new big project.

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