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Fri Jul 12 14:15:23 UTC 2019

It sounds to me that the only way to make this truly decentralized is to require people to purchase BSQ. I do not see any other solution. The fees can be burned and people can purchase the BSQ at the market rate. 

I know @ManfredKarrer said we dont want to require people to purchase BSQ but I do not see another solution. By the way why not require people to buy BSQ? They come here for privacy, anonymity and most importantly safety. If they need to be required to purchase BSQ then thats the price to pay. 

You are right having the BTC fees go to another wallet is a bad idea and is centralization, even if they are later donated or used to buy and burn BSQ.

It creates incentive for theft and will become another side industry within the BSQ environment as to who gets to have the donated BTC. This seems like a very bad idea and something we should not do concern ourselves with. I think it is better to have one goal and it is to have a truly decentralized exchange. When you are millionaire then you can donate your BSQ, BTC, USD, RUB or other money to whoever you want. 

Having BTC fees go to arbitrators is also centralization and a bad Idea for the Bisq project. 

BTC fees should therefore be done away with and users should be required to purchase BSQ. 

The BSQ used in transactions is burned and we do not have to worry about BTC fees because we do not have any. 

We do not need to worry about discounts because we do not have BTC fees. 

We do not need to worry about donations and what to do with BTC because we do not have any BTC. 

We only need to focus on the project and keeping it afloat by making sure the contributors are paid for their contributions. 

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