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Sun Jul 14 15:35:33 UTC 2019

> @p3yot3
> Writing what you write without even providing a single link supporting it is not very serious (and is borderline behaviour imo).

As this is not a forum I didn't want to clutter this excellent projects repo, especially as all links to said scam accusations with proof are available on the Emercoin BCT thread for all to see & have been for some time, but simply searching for Emercoin in the scam thread (which is what I did) will reveal all. The Emercoin "team" (Oleg Khovayko (maxihatop), Jevgeni Shumilov, Stan Polozov etc) are fully aware of this & the scam accusations but have chosen to ignore them & any questions from forum members regarding their various scams (Hashcoins, Hashflare, Polybius, Chronobank, Hamster to name a few I found) - which can only be regarded as an admission of guilt. It is difficult to understand how they can be described as "a lie over a lie" when they have their name & photos on the scam projects ANN threads as part of the team responsible for these various proven scams. Simply calling the people who uncovered their scams trolls doesn't wash. Anyway, here are a few links in case you missed them, there are many, many more:


Bisq listing coins from such prolific scammers will not only damage it's excellent reputation but will attract the wrong kind of attention. The anonymous nature of Bisq appeals to scammers, so diligence & research should be done on the people behind such coins as Emercoin, especially as it has been refused listing on many legit exchanges (Poloniex for one) & recently delisted from others (Bittrex being the latest) - there is a reason for this & it's not because they are legit.

I will not be posting about this again or replying questions, these are my observations based on facts that are available to everyone, should they choose to look for them.

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