[bisq-network/bisq] List Emercoin (EMC) (#2961)

Oleg Khovayko notifications at github.com
Mon Jul 15 17:36:37 UTC 2019

Posts from @p3yot3 is a great example of mixing things together. All those 3 posts do not shows any facts, what exactly - Emercoin as blockchain platform did wrong!

All 3 demonstrated just a simple foundless accusation:
Hashcoin/Hashflare/Polybius/Chronobank - was using Emercoin blockchain, or just promising to use some of Emercoin blockchain functions for their projects, and because of that - the Emercoin is scam?!
There is a different projects, different teams… Please do not mix all together!

- Emercoin is open source platform, providing a lot of useful services like ssl/ssh/dns/pki/timestamping - all upper listed projects are just using some of services. 
 - Emercoin team members in not involved in these projects, at all - same was as ETH is not responsible for any ICO fails, or no-one blaming TCP/IP protocol for been hacked.   

Yes, we shared our technologies to many projects, including projects above. But, we do not responsible for all activities, where is using our technologies. As same as Github is not responsible for @p3yot3's posts.

Again: please, demonstrate facts - what Emercoin did wrong, and what team did wrong. Otherwise, without a real facts. your accusations just unsubstantiated.

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