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Alex Petrov notifications at github.com
Tue Jul 16 09:04:48 UTC 2019

> Thanks to the internet we can see that Oleg Khovayko (maxihatop) was a member of Polybius - it was removed when the connections were made by the crypto community:
> https://web.archive.org/web/20170420094524/http://www.polybius.io/
> If you guys had put half as much effort into your numerous scam accusations as you have here you might have convinced people, but thanks to internet archive, you are only confirming your own lies.

1. Again you misrepresenting facts, saying "member" then Oleg was **external consultant** - can you fill the difference? ...he doesn't know about nature of project, just help by answering like anyone else will help. same as he was answering on direct messages, he doesn't has time to read all bitcointalk threads.

2. I see massive only massive black PR & hate - not facts, or inverting facts. just taken picture and just mention that they planing to use emercoin ssl/auth as good solution, doesn't make emercoin bad.
you reading from walls & repeating fud without not analyzing answers.

3. Emercoin is not ICO, doesn't has any pre-mine or pre-generated tokens. we don't sell you anything,  we doesn't asking anything from you... emer its open source project, we offer free services, you may use it or you may ignore it...very simple.
please pay time, study project - emercoin did long time ago SSH/SSL/PKI on blockchain, DNS, ENUM E.164, TTS(timestamp), NVS, notary, diplomas, vpn... emc offering service platform - check that was done...  study subject, before spreading FUD and inverting facts on each step, its your imho only here.

we developing product, we offer services, we doesn't sell you anything, no tokens, no ico's. 

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