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Thu Jul 18 10:15:07 UTC 2019

# Provide more detail regarding voting weight
@ManfredKarrer @cbeams @m52go 
> Voting Stake
Your voting weight is determined by 2 factors: reputation (how much BSQ you’ve earned), and stake (how much of your owned BSQ you allot to your vote) that you specify in your vote transaction. 

Let's Alice earns 10 000  BSQ in cycle 1 and Bob bought 10 000 BSQ in cycle 1.

- What's the reputation equation?
- How is the time calculated? In blocks? 1 day = 144 blocks and so forth?
- In cycle 2, if Alice has only 10 BSQ left after having sold the rest, can she spend 2 on the voting fee, stake 8 and still retain the 10 000 vote weight? What's the minimum value to stake and retain the reputation weight?
- How is Alice's reputation tracked?

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