[bisq-network/proposals] Increase BSQ trading fee to get to 0.4% (#103)

huey735 notifications at github.com
Fri Jul 19 08:37:34 UTC 2019

@deltahandler I need something clarified.

# Trading fees

## BTC trading fees

The BTC trading fees are calculated in percentage of the trade amount and have a minimum BTC amount. This is what it looked like before https://github.com/bisq-network/proposals/issues/99,

### Percentages


### Examples with amounts


## BSQ trading fees

The BSQ fee isn't a static number right? I thought it was a percentage of the BTC trading fee. 

90% discount meant that if a trading fee in BTC is 10 Ksats, the discounted trading fee will be the the equivalent of of 1 Ksat in BSQ at the last BSQ/BTC price, right? So if 1 BSQ is worth 12 Ksats, the trading fee in BSQ = 1 / 12 <=> 0,08 BSQ, right?

Also @devinbileck @sqrrm @ManfredKarrer 

1. Is this where the current value for the trading fees are defined - https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq/blob/master/core/src/main/java/bisq/core/dao/governance/param/Param.java ? 
2. Are the fees automatically updated after the Voting cycle comes to an end?

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