[bisq-network/bisq] Add TODO for fixing issue with not disabled buttons (0ac2cbf)

niyid notifications at github.com
Fri Jul 19 08:55:26 UTC 2019

Hello everyone.

I think a clue to this issue may be found in the **`bisq.core.btc.wallet.TxBroadcaster`** class in the **`default void onTimeout(TxBroadcastTimeoutException exception)`** method. The paraphrased comment is below:

> We optimistically assume that the tx broadcast succeeds later and call onSuccess on the callback handler.
> This behaviour carries less potential problems than if we would trigger a failure (e.g. which would cause
> a failed create offer attempt or failed take offer attempt).
> We have no guarantee how long it will take to get the information that sufficiently many BTC nodes have
> reported back to BitcoinJ that the tx is in their mempool.
> In normal situations that's very fast but in some cases it can take minutes (mostly related to Tor
> connection issues). So if we just go on in the application logic and treat it as successful and the
> tx will be broadcast successfully later all is fine.
> If it will fail to get broadcast, it will lead to a failure state, the same as if we would trigger a
> failure due the timeout.
> So we can assume that this behaviour will lead to less problems as otherwise.
> Long term we should implement better monitoring for Tor and the provided Bitcoin nodes to find out
> why those delays happen and add some rollback behaviour to the app state in case the tx will never
> get broadcast.

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