[bisq-network/bisq] Bisq works fine on Raspberry Pi, though there are issues and some patches are required (#2861)

Merkle Syrup notifications at github.com
Sat Jul 20 04:06:36 UTC 2019

It's the last stage of the java guide you posted that fails: https://docs.gluonhq.com/embedded/

sudo /opt/jdk-11/bin/java --module-path=/opt/armv6hf-sdk/lib --add-modules=javafx.controls -cp classes/ -Dprism.verbose=true -Dembedded=monocle -Dglass.platform=Monocle sample.Main

i get the message: 

GLFactory using com.sun.prism.es2.MonocleGLFactory
* failed to add service - already in use?

when trying to run the compiled binary on my rpi4 i get:

Graphics Device initialization failed for :  es2, sw
Error initializing QuantumRenderer: no suitable pipeline foundjava.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error initializing QuantumRenderer: no suitable pipeline found
(there's more but doesn't seem useful to post)

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