[bisq-network/bisq] Does blocking SEPA sending with Revolut really make sense? (#2982)

rekcus2 notifications at github.com
Sat Jul 20 11:17:17 UTC 2019

I have been reading up on the issue a bit and on top of the many engagements to let the user decide and just display and warning about the issue banks seem to have I have seen someone say its about receiving on that BIC and **not sending** from it to another bank.

Its just anecdotal evidence but I had no issues with two trades I made on Localbitcoins and would prefer to use Bisq for buying BTC with SEPA because apart from the fact that my new Revolut account has a pathetic low limit of 0.01 BTC there are always just a few revolt trades on and way more SEPA trades.

So are there any confirmed and regular issues with sending from Revolut SEPA? I think sending should be allowed at least unless I hear some convincing arguments against it.

Also some time has passed maybe Banks have learned and the BIC issues have been solved? I know it took ages for me to be able add it to PayPal (may have been totally unrelated issues but I had a "try later" for about a week) but eventually it worked out and the transfers there are super fast.

https://transferwise.com/us/swift-codes/bic-swift-code-checker validates my BIC that starts with REVO perfectly fine for both sending and receiving.

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