[bisq-network/bisq] Transaction stuck x2 "Waiting on blockchain confirmation" (#2992)

joshkouri notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 24 00:07:03 UTC 2019

I have had several successful transactions on Bisq, but my most recent two have failed. One was closed by an arbitrator after being stuck for days, the other appears to be suffering from the same issue but is less than 24h into the process, so figured I would reach out now. 

**OS:** Ubuntu 
**Version:** Bisq 1.1.3

### Current transaction: 
I am maker, someone accepted my offer. Transaction is stuck at step 1, "waiting on blockchain confirmation". Here are the transaction IDs:
Maker fee and transaction ID: 7776cdb450fca41280b7a454d38f151a8f34bd0200e2ea25672f9ce4da2b084d **0 confirmations and seen by 0 peers**
Taker deposit: 94fd957be96751f9cfb9af82ea869a282c45dd930ee9c4088358def00b7be375 **successful with numerous confirmations**
Maker deposit: f825fe4032b79a28e5359e14dd29ef800d61d30729854036e79188f8d157b1db **0 confirmations and seen by 0 peers**

Despite my deposit and fee having 0 confirmations and seen by 0 peers, the funds have been debited from my wallet and show up in my transactions tab (albeit with zero confirmations). Why is this? What puzzles me is that there is no peer acknowledgement.I'm online 24h and connected to peers every time I check bisq. I would assume that there should be peers acknowledging the transfer of funds even if we are still waiting on blockchain confirmation(s). 

### Previous transaction (which was canceled by arbitrator):
Similar issue, but in this case my maker fee was processed but I did not get blockchain confirmation (or peer acknowledgement) for my deposit, despite it being debited from my wallet and SIX DAYS passing. 
Maker fee: 166a29e194ae7768d08bf73e859b6119fa528d3afd67ca9c319ec18ed0fde237 (confirmed in 2000+ blocks)
Taker fee: d15b73149335b9d5872fa91b7757333ddb68979d3b1b2935c224f3f36a537297 (0 confirmations, 0 peers)
Maker deposit: f502ecddffafeca56598c00369ef4c9d694bc9f0dc8ad5f376636879e7a76859

Arbitrator reply: 

> The deposit transaction has not been created because of a bug. No funds have left your wallet even if the UI shows that. After the dispute is closed you should have all your funds as expected. You can ask for reimbursement for the lost trade fee at: https://github.com/bisq-network/support/issues/

Anyone have an idea what the problem is? Could it be related to the upgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3? I successfully completed a transaction as taker since then, but now have two stalled transactions as maker since the update. I really hate to waste my time for days on end, miss out on favorable market conditions, and drag along other individuals in failed transactions.

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