[bisq-network/bisq] Transaction stuck x2 "Waiting on blockchain confirmation" (#2992)

slipperybeluga notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 24 02:49:19 UTC 2019

> This issue is older than v.1.1.2. What seems to happen is that the transaction is not broadcast at all.
> https://bisq.community/t/major-bug-in-bisq-transactions-not-broadcasting-and-timing-out/7478/7
> https://bisq.community/t/my-multisig-payout-isnt-getting-broadcasted-hangs-at-0-confirmations/311/9
> So the funds haven't left your wallet at all. Try to follow the advices @ManfredKarrer shares in those threads to see if it wolves the problem. But start by making a backup.

I've deleted my Tor files and resynced the SPV chain. Hasn't helped the problem. 

I'm trying to follow the advice in the link you provided, "https://bisq.community/t/major-bug-in-bisq-transactions-not-broadcasting-and-timing-out/7478/3", but I am unsure how to proceed. 

The user who wrote the post resolved his problem by deleting their "roaming folder" (i don't know what that is) and "made a new seed" (which @ManfredKarrer also suggests due to wallet db corruption). I'm not sure how to do this either. I would like to preserve this stuck transaction if possible and complete it and don't want to jeopardize any other aspects of my account. Can you explain how to create a new seed? It seems like I will need to transfer all funds to an external wallet, then delete my Bisq wallet files and transfer all funds back to new wallet. That is very messy, I'm hoping there is a simpler way that I am not thinking of. Thank you!

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