[bisq-network/compensation] Cycle 4 (#318)

juantellez notifications at github.com
Thu Jul 25 03:39:35 UTC 2019

> Hi @juantellez! Great job with reviews and translations! All looks good, but you no longer have to indicate your BSQ address here. Also, a quick question. Are you sure you translated over 6k words in the Bisq Desktop project? I was under impression that it was almost completely done by another translator. Could it be that you edited previously reviewed translations? In that case, Transifex filters count edits as new translations and it is better to go the Bisq Desktop dashboard in Transifex and check your localization activity there.

Hi y3v63n, i have checked the Dashboard as you sugested and get surprised to see that i has made 0 translations, i maeby crazy but i remember make a lot of translations the first time i get into transifex, then when i was set as a reviewer i made only reviews. So i have made a count of all translations made by each translator using the filters and that make sense:

The total words for the spanish translation of the Bisq-Desktop is 16,564 words. Below is the amount of word translated by each translator:

tasmanoide: 8687
juantellez: 6320
frustramatic: 118
r4wl: 825
cfair: 51
ripcurlx: 81
rudygodoy: 451
yield: 31
**Total: 16.564**

I don't know why the dashboard shows i have made no translations. I even made a couple of translations in the Bisq-Website right now and also are not counted at the bisq-website dashboard.

Hope this can be clarified and would be great to know why the dashboard don't show any translation made from me.

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