[bisq-network/bisq] Fees skyrocket over night? (#2893)

fresheneesz notifications at github.com
Sat Jul 27 20:53:30 UTC 2019

> You can fix yourself the fees you want to use, but do that carefully.

How? I don't see any way to select a fee whether your a market maker or market taker. The automatically chosen mining fees are far too high. I'm seeing mining fees of between 0.026 mBTC and 0.06 mBTC (~26-60 cents), and for some reason the total mining fees are around 0.114 ($1.14). A transaction should be costing less than 12 cents, since that'll get a 400 byte transaction into the next 1-2 blocks according to bitcoinfees.earn.com. It seems likely that there are multiple transactions happening here, but looks like 2. So the total fee should be less than 30 cents (3000 satoshi). So what gives? 

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