[bisq-network/bisq] Need to see exact transaction data before committing to a trade. (#3018)

fresheneesz notifications at github.com
Sun Jul 28 20:11:17 UTC 2019

Thanks for the information!

> the mining fee is aiming at the next block.

That is not a reasonable default in my opinion. These trades are up there for days, and settling a trade in an hour should be a reasonable default. Regardless, the taker should be able to choose their fee, and the software should inform the user what it predicts (or what bitcoinfees.earn.com predicts) that means about when the transaction will be confirmed. 

> You can find info on https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/ on how to calculate the bytes for transactions with these profiles.

That's great for me, but that information needs to be calculated for you in the application, and it should be able to show you all the details about those transactions. 

> I'm not sure if it's worth putting all this info in the UI.

Not only is it worth it, its critical for adoption. People don't trust Bisq because Bisq makes it very hard to understand what its doing. Every other bitcoin software I've ever used can give you all that kind of information, down to looking at the exact transaction details before you sign and broadcast it. Its critical because these are final and irreversible transactions. Users who want to must be given the option to be sure of what they're doing, or they're simply not going to use Bisq. 

> The Taker is responsible for 3 on-chain transactions

This is kind of an aside to this ticket, but why make 3 transactions? Why not combine offer taking and deposit into 1 transaction with 3 outputs instead of 2 transactions with 4 outputs (assuming there's a change output in each transaction). It would make that step more atomic too.

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