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Mon Jul 29 06:33:05 UTC 2019

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> -. Min. 2 GB of RAM
-. 10 GB disk space (SSD)
-. 2 TB network traffic
-. UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
-. Uptime of > 99.9%
+- Min. 4 GB of RAM
+- 400 GB of disk space
+- 2 TB network traffic
+- Uptime of > 99.9%
+- > 10000 file handles available (check `ulimit -Sn`)
+And please try to stay away from cheap hosting providers! They tend to not care about QOS, the hardware is slow, the occasionally even turned a service off without warning - ask us how we know...
+## Get a seed node up and running
+You can run your seed node in many ways. The guide you are currently reading applies to a (debian-based) unix system with systemd available. Furthermore, we assume that only one seed node is operated per host. Please be aware that the guide is only a guide and not a step by step copy and paste how to, as we ignore for example the need for the occational root access and file permissions, swap, general opsec, among other things. In case your host differs from our reference system, we are sure you can handle yourself.

For some reason it is not picking up my diff. I was suggesting to change "occational" -> "occasional". 

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