[bisq-network/bisq-docs] Updating the "How to Seednode" docs (#148)

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Mon Jul 29 11:19:05 UTC 2019

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> +Download the Bitcoin Core binaries https://bitcoin.org/en/download[here] to this directory, unpack it and, for updating convenience, create a symlink to the necessary binaries (so you only have to change the symlink on update):
+	tar xzf bitcoin-0.18.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
+	ln -s bitcoin-0.18.0/bin/bitcoind bitcoind
+	ln -s bitcoin-0.18.0/bin/bitcoin-cli bitcoin-cli
+Create a systemd service file `bitcoind.service` in the systemd service path or your operating system (something like `/usr/lib/systemd/system/`) and adapt it to your needs. We recommend to create a user `bitcoind` for service hardening reasons (). In the end, it should look like
+ExecStart=bitcoind -daemon \
+                   -printtoconsole \

ah, well. The printtoconsole option sends outputs to stderr. On a system running systemd stderr ends up in the systems journal accessible via journalctl.

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