[bisq-network/bisq] Allow the user to configure Tor before connecting to it (#3010)

anon88391 notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 31 12:16:23 UTC 2019

Yes, more or less, however:
- the Tor connection settings dialog doesn't have to be a pop up, I think it could incorporated right into the GUI and it could just ask the user if he wants to connect to Tor normally, or his country is censored and needs to configure the connection (the same dialog that Tor Browser uses). I'm not experienced in programming GUIs so I can't give my opinion on what'd be the best way to do it.
- I don't think there's much need for letting the user modify the torrc file through GUI, actually I'm against it. Tor Browser doesn't do it, an inexperienced user could mess things up, it's better to just do it the same way Tor Browser does (only a high level configuration).

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