[bisq-network/bisq] Does blocking SEPA sending with Revolut really make sense? (#2982)

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Wed Jul 31 18:36:48 UTC 2019

I never thought about IBANs not being dedicated I am pretty sure they are I got a GB... EUR account and I am curious if I would be even legal and make any sense for them to have multiple customers share same IBAN but I after a quick search I could not find anything that clearly states that IBANS are unique.

I actually want to test it but I currently can not add my own other banks IBAN to Revolut as the app stays stuck after I enter the confirmation code or gives me a error message. This may have to do with the fact that I am using a custom AOSP based rom on my phone and there are no google play services but it worked b4 on a older version and now even downgrading the app wont work. I just spend hours trying to get this fucking app running in a emulator and same issue on top of it there seems to be a specialized build of the up to date version that my phone is downloading through the aurora store but on the emulator it only shows a outdated version.

Anyway I can't test it now with my own other SEPA account, not sure why it does not let me add my own bank as a recipient but as I said it worked fine b4 when I send money to people on Localbitcoins.

Also how am I supposed to prove to you that I can send money with my IBAN? So you want me to reveal my ID to you? You want to give me a account I send a test amount to?

Interesting side-node. My other bank changed their online banking system recently and the modernized one does not let me enter the BIC at all and forces auto detected values on me. But upon entering my GB... Revolut IBAN it detects the BIC just fine so would be curious how many people actually still have or have this issue of wrong BIC numbers. I saw a issue about that and it sounded like that was the reason for disabling it. But again I am just asking for you to enabled sending not receiving. I did not send anything but I think its save to assume that sending to it in my case works perfectly as it should and so does it with PayPal and CC.

One thing is for sure Revolut sucks big time, website accounting is artificially restricted so we fools get their stupid app that has **8 trackers in it**. Only business customers get a web-interface ... why would I want to carry my banking with me on a stupid spy device? Makes no sense to me.

I do not understand how this relates to cc fraudsters. What the difference if they can cache out BTC with revolut to revolut transfers as opposed to caching out BTC with SEPA to SEPA transfers? They can fund their Revolut with CC either way so I do not see how disabling SEPA helps with that.

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