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Mon Mar 4 02:02:22 UTC 2019

## Arbitration Information

This is a transaction over 5 QWC to this recipient:  

**The Transaction Hash is:**  
> [9580508F8C9FFA7786CCD5BC33DDD34041F65F475F53155024B11B411AB8680A](https://explorer.qwertycoin.org/?hash=9580508F8C9FFA7786CCD5BC33DDD34041F65F475F53155024B11B411AB8680A#blockchain_transaction)

In Case of arbitration you can check this Transaction [on our Blockchain explorer](https://explorer.qwertycoin.org/?#check_payment). You need the additional Transaction Key, which can be seen in the senders Wallet (or by using getTxKey get_tx_key).

**This Transaction ID is:**  
> E58EB6F89C3EFCABFDE350E88657F6CB00E5474BE1F039EACF48A95184CC9D0E

Proof the Payment [here](https://explorer.qwertycoin.org/?#check_payment) and use the above Transaction Hash, the Transaction ID and the Recipient Address. And you will see a message like this:

> Specified address received **5.00000000 QWC** in transaction **9580508f8c9ffa7786ccd5bc33ddd34041f65f475f53155024b11b411ab8680a**

This test can be used to check if the receiver has received the coins from the sender.

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