[bisq-network/bisq] Add export to csv feature for dao vote result screen (#2477)

benk10 notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 5 14:43:28 UTC 2019

I'm still thinking about how should this feature be implemented.
The problem is, as @ManfredKarrer noted, that the data is in a tree structure. This makes it difficult to output to a CSV file. I currently have a few ideas for possible implementations for this feature.

1. Export a separate CSV file for each data structure. This means that we will have a CSV file of all the cycles, a different CSV file of all the proposals etc. This is probably the simplest solution as most of the code for needed for that already exists. The problem is that the data is separated into multiple files.

2. Export all data into a single CSV. There are multiple ways we could export all the data into a CSV (e.g. Like with solution 1 but in a single file, Have all cycles proposals under cycle row and all votes under each row of a proposal). This is very messy in my opinion but can be done.

3. Export all data into as a JSON file, as suggested by @blabno on the Slack chat. JSON would be much easier here as it supports complex data structure as we have here. I think this would be the best solution but I'm not sure if it would be fine not to use the CSV format as specified in the issue.

@ManfredKarrer do you (or anyone else) have any thoughts on how this feature should be implemented?

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