[bisq-network/bisq] Chat between trading partners to end frustration during long trades (#2540)

Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Fri Mar 15 13:19:11 UTC 2019

After the DAO is out we will work on improvements for the trade protocol which includes that you can get in touch with the peer and that there is an mediator before it goes to arbitration. 
If you are sure that something went wrong you can open a dispute with cmd+o. But if the peer needs longer or the bank is slow there is unfortunately no good solution yet. The longer trade period for SEPA is required as some banks need 2-3 days and if there are holidays and weekends it gets longer. Though I think most trades gets settled much faster. Might be a bit of bad luck that you traded with a peer who had a slow banks or he was slow with sending the funds.
Atm we have a few p2p network issues so it can be that you do not receive the confirmation of the peer that he sent the funds. 

Regarding deleting data:
You never have any proof that the peer has not made a copy. Deleting data is basically impossible from a conceptula point of view. As soon data is shared (with peer, with arbitrator) you have to assume that is out of your control. You can always start over with a new data directory which improves your privavy. See the forum post about all te context to that topic.

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