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Sat Mar 16 12:10:26 UTC 2019

> Sellers security deposit is 0.5% of trade amount and buyers deposit default 2% but can be changed by maker.

@ManfredKarrer I think you meant offer-makers and offer-takers instead of sellers and buyers. We probably should promote this vocabulary instead. I think it's less confusing to understand from one's point of view if one's taking an existing offer or making a new one. On the other side it's easy to confuse whether one's buying or selling, because in any trade we're both buying and selling something. Also is the security deposit for offer-makers 0.5% of trade amount or 0.005btc no matter the trade amount?

It'd be useful to have those trades info plus trade limits in a table that'd be updated as changes are made:

**Fees per trade**

Categories | Offer-maker | Offer-taker | Version
------------ | ---------------- | ------------- | -------------
Trading fee | 0.1% of trade amount | 0.3% of trade amount | v.0.95
Security deposit* | 0.005btc | decided by offer-maker | v.0.95
NÂș of miner's fee** | 1 | 3 | v.0.95

*this value is just a collateral and it's reimbursed to the traders and the end of trade.
**these numbers don't include the deposit and withdraw from and to an external wallet. 

**Trade Limits**

Payment method | 1st month (25%) | After |  Version
------------ | ---------------- | ------------- | -------------
Altcoins | 0.25btc | 1btc | v.0.95
Swish | 0.125btc | 0.5btc | v.0.95
SEPA | 0.0625btc | 0.25btc | v.0.95
Revolut | 0.04 | 0.16btc | v.0.95

Here I put specific payment methods but we can aggregate several payment methods into "bank payments", "fintech solution", etc, and have those strings link to a page with all the payment methods under that category. We should also put a note saying to which version of the software these values apply to.

I think it is important to let newcomers get all the information needed to derive the costs of trading in the Bisq network in one place. These could all be in FAQ but I think a table is easier and faster to read, and to calculate one's own costs.

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