[bisq-network/bisq] Add dao betatest network (#2546)

Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Sun Mar 17 00:45:13 UTC 2019

I have started syncing btc core mainnet for the seed node. Will take a bit until that is ready. So if you want to run it before you need to provide your own seed node with --seedNodes=... can be localhost seed. 

Example local seed:
--seedNodes=localhost:3004 --baseCurrencyNetwork=BTC_DAO_BETANET --useLocalhostForP2P=true --nodePort=3004 --appName=bisq-BTC_DAO_BETANET_LOCAL_seed_3004 --daoActivated=true --fullDaoNode=true --rpcUser=xxx --rpcPassword=xxx--rpcPort=8332 --rpcBlockNotificationPort=5100

Example local Bisq app:
--seedNodes=localhost:3004 --baseCurrencyNetwork=BTC_DAO_BETANET --useLocalhostForP2P=true --nodePort=3111 --appName=bisq-BTC_DAO_BETANET_LOCAL_Ali_dao_lite --daoActivated=true

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