[bisq-network/bisq] Add dao betatest network (#2546)

Manfred Karrer notifications at github.com
Sun Mar 17 17:43:45 UTC 2019

ManfredKarrer commented on this pull request.

     private static final String DAO_TESTNET_GENESIS_TX_ID = "cb316a186b9e88d1b8e1ce8dc79cc6a2080cc7bbc6df94f2be325d8253417af1";
     private static final int DAO_TESTNET_GENESIS_BLOCK_HEIGHT = 104; // 2019-02-19
+    private static final Coin DAO_TESTNET_GENESIS_TOTAL_SUPPLY = Coin.parseCoin("2.5"); // 2.5M BSQ / 2.50000000 BTC
+    private static final String DAO_BETANET_GENESIS_TX_ID = "0bd66d8ff26476b55dfaf2a5db0c659a5d8635566488244df25606db63a08bd9";
+    private static final int DAO_BETANET_GENESIS_BLOCK_HEIGHT = 567405; // 2019-03-16
+    private static final Coin DAO_BETANET_GENESIS_TOTAL_SUPPLY = Coin.parseCoin("0.49998644"); // 1000 BSQ / 0.49998644 BTC

Ah yes, I did not care much with fee and change when i created it, but it is not really important as I made amount now flexible. The real will also be not an even number if we add add up all contributions with the 2.5M from the original genesis.
Will fix the comment in another commit

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