[bisq-network/proposals] Removal of money orders (#75)

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Thu Mar 21 17:13:38 UTC 2019

@ManfredKarrer I do like the suggestion of @keo-bisq 

Regarding writing the seller's name/address on the MO: I've not written that info in because it allows for more privacy for the seller. When setting up the MO fiat account in Bisq, as a buyer, there's no reason that one can't use a pen name if preferred. As a seller, however, if you were to use a pen name, and that name was written on the MO, it'd potentially make it more difficult to cash. I've not ever cashed a money order, but I know they can be cashed at the USPS, check cashing stores, and banks. I'd imagine that banks would only cash one for you if you have an account with them, and they'd be hesitant to cash a MO with someone else's name on it. I'm not sure if USPS or check cashing stores require ID at all.

Here's my recommendation of text for a pop-up message (I copied and pasted some parts from @keo-bisq):

"Money orders are one of the more private fiat purchase methods available on Bisq. However, please be aware of potentially increased risks associated with their use. Bisq will not bear any responsibility in case a sent money order is stolen, and the arbitrators will in such cases award the BTC to the sender of the money order, provided they can produce tracking information and receipts. It may be advisable for the sender to write the BTC seller's name on the money order, in order to minimize the risk that the money order is cashed by someone else."

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