[bisq-network/bisq] btc balance in wallet UI not updating after .local/share wallet restore or seed restore even after spv reset (#2570)

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Fri Mar 22 23:09:32 UTC 2019

maybe related: #1288 or #2516 or #2491

Dear Bisq-team,

today I restarted my machine for an update: tails 3.13
Before that, I properly shut down bisq 0.9.5 application. 
During the session before the update (a few days long) I opened and closed 
bisq a few times and made/initiated trades - everything worked as expected. 
Due to the live-linux nature of tails linux, the wallet is symlinked from 
persistent drive to ~/.local/share/Bisq.

After starting bisq, post tails update, to my surprise bisq created a new wallet.
This was of course not so pleasant, as I still have an almost finished trade open.
Since I had a backup from ~6 days ago, I restored that into the cleared wallet directory.
Now the trade history was of course older, but much worse the BTC balance was wrong.
So I hit the button to delete spv to have the wallet scan for its transactions again.
I tried this two times with multiple bisq restarts in between, but the balance is still wrong.
In the log however, it arrives at the correct balance after resync, but never shows it in the UI. 

After that I restarted with a clean datadir and restored from seed.
Now I get the correct balance shown, but of course everything else is gone.

So my two questions would be:
* Is it safe to withdraw from from the seed-restored wallet to an address of the backup-wallet?
* Is there a way the arbitrator can release the btc I am expecting 
from an open - already paid - trade once it has settled? (it is still a few days to go)
As I don't see the trade anymore I cannot hit the "transfer to bisq wallet" button 
from the trade dialog. :thinking: 

Your help would be very much appreciated!!

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