[bisq-network/bisq] btc balance in wallet UI not updating after .local/share wallet restore or seed restore even after spv reset (#2570)

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Sat Mar 23 09:06:55 UTC 2019

@ManfredKarrer  Thank you so much for the quick and informative response!
The trade id is: 0837517
and the arbitrator onion is: urlujknbe7itmiwl.onion
As it was in trade step "3: wait until paymant arrives" and the 
message of started payment arrived successfully at peer, 
I assume the bought BTC would automatically arrive in my 
BTC wallet but not the security deposit?
If I could only lose the security deposit, that would be already good news! :slightly_smiling_face: 
Is there a way to restore a trade from the contract json so it becomes visible in bisq again?
Which kind of database is AddressEntryList?

Unfortunately I do not have access to the state before the update, as the symlink was not active 
yet and tails as a live system drops all the data written to the overlay filesystem. 
Clearly an error on my part I only checked for the symlink entry in my startup script, but not to 
double check if it was active already. :slightly_frowning_face: 

So if I understand it correctly, the backup-wallet does not know about the new addresses where BTC arrived in the last 6 days and thus not showing it in the balance? To me that is understandable. 
But I am puzzeled why it then shows the correct balance after spv-resync from the backup-wallet just in the console/log, but not in the GUI? :confused: :thinking:

Maybe it is also time for me to start a new wallet (now that I have access to all the single components except for the history after the wallet-backup) - I assume if I export / import the payment accounts they would keep their age?
Thank you!!

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