[bisq-network/bisq] Startup problem on slow/degraded networks (the "3/4" problem) (#2547)

agb19 notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 25 13:53:22 UTC 2019

Thanks @devinbileck, glad to help in whatever way I can. :)

I did some more testing on this issue and did some interesting math as well. 

It seems that, if the `PreliminaryGetDataRequest` operation doesn't complete within a minute, it never does - it ends in a timeout error. This is not a Tor network (or Tor library) problem, it appears to be a timeout constant defined in the Bisq code, although with my limited understanding of Java I haven't been able to locate it. 

On the math side of things: since the initial transfer requires a push of ~1.5 MB through a hard window of 60 seconds, it results that the application can't start up if the outbound channel has less than ~250kbps available capacity. This is consistent with the results of my follow-up tests. 

If this is the case indeed (someone with knowledge of the code can confirm), then perhaps a solution may be to increase the hardcoded timeout constant, or replace it with a runtime variable based on the expected data transfer **size**, as Bisq is supposed to know the volume of data being pushed, before initiating the transfer. 

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