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Harry MacFinned notifications at github.com
Wed May 1 09:50:39 UTC 2019

### 2019.04 Report

Activity was very heavy on the forum this month. And also on the slack and github.
Alas mainly due to the running chargeback scam(s).

Numbers from the forum

Categories      | 5/1  | 5/1|
Support         | 1170 | 47 |
Development     |  188 |  8 |
Uncategorized   |  172 |  4 |
Payment methods |  170 |  7 |
Trading         |  167 |  7 |
Altcoins        |  113 |  8 |
Promotion       |  111 |  1 |
Bisq DAO        |   31 |  4 |
Site Feedback   |   16 |  0 |
Legal/Compliance|    9 |  0 |
Politics        |    7 |  0 |

(See Alexej's report for the forum raw numbers : https://github.com/bisq-network/roles/issues/19)

The support category is (as always) the most active. Dozens of posts about the scam. (The scam began end of march it seems).
One problem is the appli error messages being too large, which makes hard to separate technical issues (mainly timeouts) from protection measures.
The scam occupied most of the discussions, letting few place to deal properly with usual issues.
I find that the users were/are quite comprehensive.

I got several questions which I was not able to fully answer because I myself had not enough detailed information concerning the scam. Some questions had to be redirected on Manfred.
Maybe it could be useful that @manfredkarrer gives more information to the support ? (But I let him appreciate this point)

There were few questions concerning the DAO. Maybe it's simply because the UI is well done ;-)

The usual update message not being relayed on windows is also a problem (which will probably persist some time).

Due to the scam, april was really not a pleasant month for helping with the support. For my part I find it questionable to have to dedicate so much energy (+ legal risks + reimbursements) on a trading segment (fiats) which represented 6% of the total volume on Bisq this month. 6% of volume brought, ~90% of support consumed.
On the same time, there was one (1) question concerning Monero, which was 91.5% of this month's volume (15 times more).
This is a trend which is now present since more than 6 months.
There is a question of balance which arises imo.

My activity on the forum : https://bisq.community/u/Homard/activity (94 posts)
I got also several private messages, mainly about the scam.
I was also more present on /r/bisq this month (and I'll continue).

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