[bisq-network/proposals] Blog Maintainer Role (#81)

John Forsyth notifications at github.com
Wed May 1 14:19:04 UTC 2019

Thanks for all of the feedback everyone.

I think the feedback needed most would be regarding the **budget of BSQ** for the writers per voting cycle (currently suggesting 500 BSQ) and the **minimum amount of blog posts** every cycle (currently at two blog posts).

@huey735 asked about the exchange rate between BSQ and USD. 

I think 500 BSQ is somewhat fair. Compensation for writers can vary highly in other industries but I think this is a good starting point in terms of compensation. 500 would be a hard cap and might not be entirely distributed every cycle.

I think the role's responsibilities are clear (unless someone feels otherwise).

**The role's responsibilities are as follows**:
1. Ensure at least 2 blogs posts are written per month.
2. Maintaining the blog repository.
3. Reviewing blog posts before publication (any other contributor can do this as well but the blog maintainer SHOULD be doing this).

I will disagree with @m52go about communication with writers being unnecessary. I think it's important to be in communication with ANY contributor, but I feel this will naturally happen anyways within Slack and other channels.

I agree with @arunasurya about being in communication with the admins of the social channels so we can maximize blog post reach. 

Though, I would like to approach promotion more like @m52go 's suggestions.

I agree that marketing and blog creation need to be kept separate from each other. 

Though, properly constructed blogs can do its own marketing if executed correctly.
If we write a search engine optimized post, then the post will do its own marketing via search engines.

If we write, "How Venezuelans can Buy Bitcoin with Bisq" we can then have it translated into Spanish by Sebastien Tellez (or anyone else,) and share it to a Venezuelan audience (I know a few in Discord) which can help Venezuelans learn about Bisq while potentially increasing user adoption.

If we want to attract certain kinds of devs to Bisq, then we should write content for them. 

Every blog idea issue should include sound reasoning for its creation.

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