[bisq-network/proposals] Delay payout for Fiat trades if buyers account is fresh (#77)

sqrrm notifications at github.com
Wed May 1 17:59:29 UTC 2019

I think the recent discussion on delays and deposits sounds good. I agree that a demo mode is good to have and probably needed for new users, but I do worry that it would be used for continued scamming, although it would be a really inefficient way. If all it good then all is good and if it doesn't work it'll have to be reconsidered.

@HarryMacfinned In my opinion I see the fiat bridge as the core objective of Bisq. Others are doing crypto to crypto and I suspect it can be done in a more efficient way. It's basically a less interesting problem to solve. It's nice that the platform is flexible enough that it's so easy to just plug in anything, and it is currently providing the bulk of trading which is also nice. All that is for naught if there is no way to get in and out of fiat though. Maybe a time will come when there is no need for fiat but until then, Bisq is one of very few projects working against the complete eradication of privacy for Bitcoin users.

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