[bisq-network/proposals] Blog Maintainer Role (#81)

Aruna Surya notifications at github.com
Thu May 2 08:54:17 UTC 2019

I think it is great that we have these discussions because this can help us figure out how we should proceed with similar projects in the future:). I understand @m52go's point about making the project more decentralized, but I also think that the maintainer will need to be involved in communicating with the writers, ensuring no mistakes in the final work, and coordinating things in general. In the last blog project, we had to reject two posts and ensure that there were no repeating topics, that there was a balance of topics and there were no serious mistakes or misrepresentations.

Perhaps we can start with a total budget for the Blog project of 1000BSQ, which covers two blog posts minimum plus compensation for the maintainer. Maybe we can start with 200-300BSQ for the role, and it can be adjusted depending on the involvement of the maintainer? In any case, we can make a proposal in this DAO cycle, and if the community accepts it, give it a try for one month, and then assess the work done. This way, we will have more info and more posts. The community has to decide if there is value in the posts in the first place, and if there is, assign a budget that encourages good work and initiative.

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