[bisq-network/bisq] Error at traderSignAndFinalizeDisputedPayoutTx bisq.core.btc.exceptions.TransactionVerificationException: org.bitcoinj.core.ScriptException: Script resulted in a non-true stack: [[B at 35ae73d5, [B at 5047f5f9, [B at 34927872] (#2796)

Marian notifications at github.com
Thu May 2 13:45:50 UTC 2019

> What is the trade ID?

Offer ID is VREVUVZ-0972b89c-576a-4106-a824-ddd8a5c579f3-101

Maker fee: 592d126d96aeb12516329885ada76c0bfff8c5d45113f7d49eadb5b565a7aa55

Deposit transaction: a67bb5c84f0b813c202749856e4c24cb72098793a0f040392309b8fdd87e2456

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