[bisq-network/bisq] Recover Bisq DB files from backup if Bisq did not exit gracefully (#2802)

kopite77 notifications at github.com
Fri May 3 02:18:26 UTC 2019

When I am running Bisq on my laptop, sometimes my laptop will unexpectedly shutdown (perhaps if it overheats). And as a result, some of the db files have problems. I've noticed this with ClosedTrades and UserPayload files. The good backup files end up in the backup_of_corrupted_data directory. When this issue happens, Bisq starts up fine the next time, but a newly created UserPayload or ClosedTrades file is now in place. Perhaps Bisq should default to use the files from the backup_of_corrupted_data directory rather than newly created files? Or at least warn you that some files may have been corrupted and you may have to restore from backups? 

This issue happened to me with the ClosedTrades file and I never noticed it. So in my backup_of_corrupted_data directory I had a ClosedTrades file with all my old trade history, while the ClosedTrades file in the db directory only had one recent trade. Had I known that the ClosedTrades file got re-created from scratch, I would have reverted to the one in the backup_of_corrupted_data directory. Or maybe Bisq should have done this automatically for me?

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