[bisq-network/proposals] Distributed reputation system (#78)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Sat May 4 15:28:01 UTC 2019

What if a buyer sends the seller 1 USD via a service like PayPal upon taking an offer? Verified PayPal users have already done KYC to ensure they actually own their bank accounts. If a buyer can send a tiny payment via PayPal to the seller, after accepting their offer, odds should be pretty high they're not a scammer, as a scammer would need to gain access to a victim's PayPal account _in addition_ to their bank account.

PayPal payments are instant, so if buyer cannot send the tiny payment within minutes of taking an offer, the seller can immediately send the trade to arbitration. Only change this should require in the interface is an additional field in the payment account details for PayPal address.

I don't know that such an arrangement should merit any kind of elevated badging, but maybe it's a way for new users to make good-size trades without having to wait.

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