[bisq-network/compensation] For April 2019 (#272)

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Sat May 4 16:30:35 UTC 2019

## Summary

 - BSQ requested: 154

## Contributions delivered

Translation and review of Bisq software to Portuguese (pt)
Translation of Bisq software to Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR)
Word count:
3760 Reviewed
7896 Translated (As my translation into pt-br was basically a copy-paste of my pt-pt translation left to Brazilian reviewers to review I'll divide this value by 2)

Using my [previous compensation request](https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/241) as a guide, I decide to value each word at 0.02 BSQ. I separated the work into two groups:

Translation - (7896/2) * 0.02 = 78.96
Reviews - 3760 * 0.02 = 75.2
Total = 154.16

Portuguese (pt) translation and review

Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR) translation

## Contributions in progress

Translation and review of Bisq software to Portuguese (pt)

Going forward I'll stop translating to pt_BR as there are now Brazilians doing the work. I've been pondering that despite the strong differences in the different Portuguese(s) maybe only pt_BR is enough. They represent the majority of Portuguese speakers worldwide and, I believe, of those using Bisq. I'll keep translating Portuguese (pt) but I'm considering stopping asking compensation for it and move to pt_BR and learn their different terms and give my help over there.

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