[bisq-network/proposals] N-factor counterparty confidence mechanisms (#83)

Harry MacFinned notifications at github.com
Wed May 8 05:48:15 UTC 2019

I'm also in favor of such kind of negative reputation system.
I'll add to that the simple idea to host somewhere a blacklist of hashed bad IBANs.
This is simple, costs ~nothing, doesn't hurt privacy.

In the long run, maybe we should have a thinking about the benefits/drawbacks of facilitating fiat daytrading on Bisq. imo this is a real honeypot for scammers, and, volens/nolens it's forcing us to build a gas factory.
Generally, entity grow by reinforcement. ie improving what works well and not insisting on what works poorly. It's a kind of natural law. Ignoring that in the long run puts the whole project in danger imo.
I'm scared by the braintime we all use for issues that concern so few volume, while at the same time we neglect systematically other possible growth path.
If the growth path Bisq neglects decides one day for one reason or another to neglect Bisq, Bisq will find itself naked, relying only on fiat trading which is the path which proves to scale badly atm, and will probably scale even badlier in the future.
I understand we'll probably use 2 more months to try to secure fiat trading. 2 more months where we'll do ~0 for altcoin trading on Bisq. I find that really dangerous.
Altcoin trading is what pushes Bisq in the direction of profitability (which in turn is good for all trading on Bisq). Fiat trading is pulling Bisq in the opposite direction. Altcoin trading supports fiat trading. The reverse is not true. Monopolizing Bisq's few ressources on fiat is very dangerous imo.

Everybody, look at the numbers and the trends for EUR, USD trading on Bisq. The trend is quite old and well-established. This trend is simply far too small to lead to sustainability.

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