[bisq-network/proposals] Distributed reputation system (#78)

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Wed May 8 15:49:22 UTC 2019

Hi @mpolavieja the idea is that each user holds and manages their own whitelist of trusted accounts and also shares that information with the network. There is no signing of any kind. You don't grant somebody else's "trust" or some "official" network trust... you only grant your own trust and let the network know about it.

So it does not matter if a fraudster creates a thousand fake accounts and uses them to "trust" each other... as long as you personally don't add one of them to your trusted list, they will never have a (1) next to them.

Sure, if one of your trusted accounts adds a fake account to their trusted list, you will see offers using that account with a (2)... degree of trust decreases exponantially with each step away from direct trust. That is why only 3 degrees are really viable. 

However this way is fully organic and deccentralized. It does not rely on any initial bootstrapping or authority (such as arbitrators).

The information needed to bootstrap it is already there in your Bisq trade history: accounts that you have traded with multiple times months and years ago are the best candidates for you to trust.

Even if scammers create a fully corrupted branch of the trust tree... users have an easy way to disconnect from it and isolate it.

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