[bisq-network/proposals] N-factor counterparty confidence mechanisms (#83)

mpolavieja notifications at github.com
Thu May 9 07:54:42 UTC 2019

 Does not help against ML with fake ID

I don´t want to sound naive, but I think 2FA could help at least a little bit against ML faked IDs.  It exposes the scammer a little bit more, and it forces him to do a little bit more of work such us finding 2 banks instead of just one that don´t ask too many questions and evidence about funds' origin (the latter makes it also a bit harder for bought IDs).

Taking @m52go idea of easiness for the honest user vs. scammer, a good key metric to assess the effectiveness of each protection tool is how easy it is for the honest user to overcome the protection challenge with respect on how easy/difficult it is for the scammer (in this case it looks to me very easy for the honest user and at least uncomfortable for the scammer).  

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