[bisq-network/support] Fee reimbursement (#252)

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Tue May 14 12:25:45 UTC 2019


offer ID 2235044-c5d0fb54-f1bd-4813-890f-4ebe74127de4-111
Maker fee tx 4ee9b9ec515549d72fa1b3e859ab6ea750930631cce0d661da17a5b3357475ca
Taker fee tx 24099c85c7592124255ae7fcb4ea688d60af3a6822b4d898a9f990cad0641ea7
Deposit tx 1f76cec2ab80e9eda195cdb774e668e3bcd6fc06f040e3a60104d9333f35fca7

Taker fee transaction was never broadcast, according to the arbiter because we were not both using v1.1.1. This may be true, but its also worth pointing out I made that payment account that very day (0 days old), and I suspect that may be the real reason

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