[bisq-network/proposals] [WIP] User support (#82)

Devin Bileck notifications at github.com
Wed May 15 08:02:12 UTC 2019

> Create issue templates for user bugs

Absolutely agree!

> The developer should not provide the user a workaround until the user has provided the developer all the information needed to reproduce the bug.

While I agree it is ideal to get as much information while the application is exhibiting symptoms of the issue, we can't block the user from using the application. Yes the first step should be to request for additional details if necessary, but if they are unable (or unwilling) and there is a workaround, we should be able to provide it.

> Improve the log


> Design a procedure for devs to get help from other devs when solving issues.

I find slack is sufficient for communicating with other devs and asking for help, as long as you are asking the right person (or the right person sees the message). But perhaps we need to publish the areas of expertise of each dev to determine who to contact? As we are a fairly small group currently, it is fairly easy to remember who is familiar with what, but that could change in the future.

> Design a procedure for user sending confidential information.

I agree in some situations this may be necessary, but hopefully only as a last resort after all other attempts to reproduce the issue are unsuccessful and only if the user is willing to help identify/resolve the issue. And as long as the user fully understands what they are handing over. And perhaps inform them which sensitive information to remove from the log before sending it over, if they are concerned.

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