[bisq-network/bisq] Bisq Doesn't Sync After Restoring from Backup (#2833)

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Wed May 15 19:20:13 UTC 2019


The version of Bitsquare the wallet is on that I can't seem to recover was
v0.4.9.9 or v0.4.9.8. I have v0.4.9.9 loaded currently. This is the version
of Bitsquare that does not seem to synchronize at all even after copying a
working backup as the Bitsquare.Wallet file as specified in the "Recover
Corrupt Wallet" steps.

The version of Bisq that does not seem to recover the wallet using the seed
words is v1.0.1. It accepts the seed words but does not appear to load the
wallet or address after it shuts down and I reopen it.

Is there any other software I can use to recover my wallet with the seed
words? I tried Electrum but it just seemed to do the same thing, attempt to
sychronize without loading anything.

Thank you for your reply.

On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 4:41 AM Manfred Karrer <notifications at github.com>

> Which version did you had from the old version? If it was very old the
> wallet is not compatible anymore as we moved to BIP44 a while back (guess
> it was about 2 years ago).
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Austin Hock
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