[bisq-network/proposals] Proposed dev priorities (#91)

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Thu May 16 15:11:21 UTC 2019

I think bitcoinj 0.15 is good to have but not sure how urgent it is. It is likely less costly to wait to merge since it's a separate library. Would be good to at least start testing it now and merge when we feel good about it.

@HarryMacfinned I think the main purpose of Bisq is to provide an on/off ramp to fiat that safeguards privacy and is censorship resistant. If we don't keep that focus the project will take a different path and new contributors won't have that focus. This basically makes it an altcoin trading platform. That seems like a bad idea since trading, as an activity, rather than as a mean to acquire bitcoin, is never going to be great on Bisq. The fact that it's used for alt coin trading only shows how our ethos speaks to people and the platform is good enough even for that use case. I think the project would die without the fiat focus.

My focus will most likely be on the new trade protocol going forward, but the scammer issue has to be handled first since fiat trading is at the core of what Bisq is. 

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