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Aleksej Jocic notifications at github.com
Mon May 20 16:09:20 UTC 2019

##2019.4 report

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make a report at the beginning of the month.

Discourse was updated 2 times in April and is currently at the latest version **2.3.0.beta9**.
Backups were downloaded periodically as usual.

There were no issues nor major upgrades to the forum this month.
Few Cash app scam attempts again, didn't get through to the users again.

**63** new signups, **47%** increase.
**73** new topics, **14%** increase.
**570** new posts, **47%** increase.
**20%** increase in DAU/MAU.
**406** daily engaged users, **35%** increase.
**49** new forum contributors, **58%** increase.

Around **71,500** pageviews, **37%** increase.
**898** user visits, **52%** increase.

Overall, we had many new people coming to the forum mostly discussing the same topic.
I assume recent issues with the chargebacks and appropriate counter-measures in new releases are the topics that most people were concerned about.

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